Slipstream focuses on multi-family real estate along Colorado’s Front Range. The cities of Denver and Colorado Springs possess a strong need for housing. The low unemployment, high job growth, positive net-migration and low housing availability make these markets attractive opportunities for long term investment. Slipstream defines its efforts along three verticals: value-add, new construction, and stabilized acquisitions.


$7MM - $30MM

Typical deal size

$3MM - 10MM

Typical Equity Raise

Multi-family, Land





Value-Add: The bulk of Slipstream’s portfolio falls into the value-add category. The opportunity consists of identifying aging properties in need of physical and operational improvements in locations where they either provide a lower cost alternative to new properties or they will stand out among existing competition following renovations. Slipstream’s experience in selecting the areas of improvement that provide the largest return on investment benefit investors over a long term time horizon. By taking advantage of long term debt and cash-out refinances following a renovation, Slipstream is able to return a significant portion of initial investment and provide a long term, stable return prior to an eventual sale.

New Construction: Slipstream’s ability to identify unique, below market, developable assets provides an avenue to create new buildings that offer amenities and benefits lacking in competing projects. The time, upfront capital, and effort required with new construction necessitates that only the best potential sites qualify for development. New construction provides multiple avenues for exit including immediate sale at stabilization, cash out refinance and hold long term.

Stabilized Acquisitions: Acquiring a stabilized building is a concept driven by Slipstream’s perception of the current and future market in a given location and its ability to improve operations. Stabilized properties generally do not require much renovation and instead demand an intense focus on operational efficiency. These are generally long term investments with accompanying long term debt.

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